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There are many advantages to earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) with the training provided by ZETA Driving School. It can open the door to many exciting opportunities that can also turn out to be very well-paying. Whether you want to stay local or are willing to travel for work, a CDL gives you the freedom and flexibility to find a great job just about anywhere you look.

Here are six types of driving jobs you can get with a CDL:

1. Long-Haul Cargo Truck Driver

There is always a demand for truckers willing to drive cargo for long hauls, be it across the country or within a specific region.

2. Local Truck Driver

If long distance driving isn’t your cup of tea, consider looking for trucking jobs that are more local. This might be for a delivery truck or some other sort of transportation service.

3. Bus Driver

You can use your CDL to become a professional bus driver. From school buses to city transit to cross-state or cross-country bus routes, you can earn a good living and provide a professional service that will always be in high demand.

4. Heavy Equipment Hauling

Not all truck drivers haul retail cargo. In fact, many earn their CDLs to do heavy equipment and large-load hauling with flatbed trucks and trailers. This is a very specialized field where training and safety are vital, but it can be a lucrative field for those willing to meet the demands.

5. Dispatcher

Many people earn their CDLs to work non-trucking jobs in the industry. Being a dispatcher can be a great career choice. It serves a vital communication role within any trucking company and utilizes specific skills behind a desk with a radio rather than behind the wheel of a big rig.

6. Truck Driving School Instructors

Another non-driving job worth pursuing is becoming a truck driving school instructor. You can use your CDL knowledge and training to help other aspiring truckers earn their commercial driver’s license and learn through other advanced and specialized driver training.

Whether you want to become a long-haul trucker or you’re looking for different opportunities as a commercial truck driver, ZETA Driving School is here to help with all the training and CDL prep you need. We can also help with job placement programs and recruiting to pair dedicated drivers with trucking companies looking to hire the right individuals.


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