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If you’re considering a career in truck driving, then you’ll need to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL). The total cost of getting a CDL in Kansas will vary based on the truck driving school you choose, but on average it’ll cost between $1,000 and $8,000. This includes all training and fees for the state of Kansas that you’ll need to pay before you can start your career as a commercial truck driver. Tuition at ZETA Driving School is just $4,990 which includes all classroom, online, and on-road learning.

Unlike colleges or universities who charge per credit hour, trucking schools charge one lump sum for your entire education. While some may be more affordable than others, the price does not reflect the quality of the education. The price variation is due to a variety of factors such as the experience of instructors, available technology, or the intensity of the program.

The overall cost of your CDL license also depends on the type of CDL license you want. Class A, B, and C CDLs each cost a different amount. Contact your local Kansas DMV for an exact cost breakdown. Additionally, extra endorsements add an additional cost to your overall amount. Endorsement costs will vary across the country, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $10 to $50 per endorsement depending on which state you are in. In Kansas the endorsement fee is currently $10.

While endorsements may add an extra fee to your overall CDL license cost, they give you a competitive edge in the job field and allow you to take on higher paying jobs that require additional endorsements and experience.

At ZETA Driving School, our priority is helping our students. We have the most competitive tuition rate in the country - just $4,750 which includes all classroom, online, and on-road learning. The vast majority of students will qualify for significant financial aid and pay nothing out of pocket.

Contact us today, and get started on your CDL training in just 3 days.


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