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Some people tend to be on the fence about becoming a professional truck driver prior to enrolling in a driving school program. Once they understand all of the various benefits associated with the truck driving profession, they are instantly hooked. If you are curious about the truck-driving field, but want to know more, read on.

1. You don’t want to spend years training for a career

If you’re ready to get working and get paid, driving truck professionally might be the perfect career choice for you. Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training programs take, on average, 7 weeks to complete but some can be done in just 4 weeks. There are different requirements depending on where you work post-training, but you won’t spend years preparing for a career. Instead, you will learn on the road and start earning money quickly.

2. You want to be paid well

A truck driving career is notorious for a great starting salary with excellent growth potential as you gain experience. Licensed truck drivers can earn more than $50,000 in just the first year, with more opportunities as time goes on. Some carriers offer bonus incentives, as well. Truck driving is a great career for those who want to start earning a high annual salary without spending years on training. While there is required training and paperwork that goes into getting your CDL, the pay is often worth it for truck drivers.

3. You want job stability

Along with great pay, you’ll always have work if you want it in the trucking industry.

Capacity (the number of drivers as compared to the number of goods that need to be moved) is especially tight right now, but that depends on the market. As the demand for truckers heightens, you will have many growth opportunities throughout your truck driving career. Without truck drivers, all of the materials, equipment and supplies that the public relies on would not make it onto store shelves or front porches. Trucking is an essential service for this country and will likely continue to increase in demand. Truck driver employment is expected to increase 6% by 2030, further increasing the job security of this profession.

4. Insurance

As a full-time driver for a trucking company, you typically have access to a greater number of benefits, often including health and life insurance. Some companies offer vision and dental plans and access to flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Retirement benefits such as 401k accounts and profit sharing opportunities may also be available. Some trucking companies may offer a greater number of benefits, especially as the demand continues to increase.

5. Freedom

Being on the open road each day can feel a lot more liberating than being stuck behind a desk or staring at a computer screen all day. Although you will likely have a strict driving schedule and deadlines, you have the freedom to listen to audiobooks and music as you like when on your route.

6. You love to see new places

Truck drivers have the chance to visit many different states and parts of the country that you may have never had the chance to experience before. You may even be able to expand your travels further if you transport items to Mexico and Canada. It is a unique experience to get paid to travel while providing such an important service.

If you're interested in pursuing a career as a truck driver contact ZETA Driving School today to see how you can get started!


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