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Weekly Tuition

Our weekly tuition programs makes it easy and affordable for qualified students to enroll in the Zeta CDL program!

Tuition is only $99 per week. 

Affordable Payments

Lock in a fixed payment of $99 per week that will never increase!


Job Placement

Zeta Driving School partners with dozens of the industry's best employers to ensure students receive offers before they graduate.

Payment Cap

No fees or additional costs. Only pay the true tuition amount. 

Ongoing Assistance

We support our students for years after you graduate. We're always here to help you in your career.

program requirements

Must be currently employed

Must earn a minimum of $50,000 annually

Must reside within 50 miles of KCMO

No criminal history

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my first payment due?

The first payment is due upon enrollment. You will receive access to all of our online curriculum, range scheduling, and instructor contact information within 24 hours of enrolling.  

Do I need to make payments if I don't attend class one week?

Yes, payments are due each week regardless if you attend class that week. 

How do I make my payments?

Students are required to set up automatic bank ACH payments through our payment portal as the primary payment method. All students must also link a credit card as a backup payment method in case the ACH transfer is not processed. 

What if I miss a payment?

We understand that life happens. Zeta offers a one-week grace period for late payments. However, if you miss 2 payments in a row it is considered a voluntary withdrawal.

Do you offer refunds? 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds to students at any point. However, if you need to pause your participation in the program, you can re-join the school and pick up where you left off at any time in the future.  

Payment Details

Weekly Payment


Down Payment


# of Payments


Total Paid


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