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CDL Training Missouri And Kansas: Commercial Truck Driving School Offering CDL A Driver Class Program, Prep, And Testing

schedule around 
your life

Get your commercial drivers

license (CDL) in just four weeks,

or at your own pace. 

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Self Paced Online

& Classroom Learning

Little or No Cost 

For Most Students

Group Learning

& Individual Support


Job Placement

Before Graduation


Zeta Driving School is committed to helping our students to become professional, highly skilled, and fairly compensated commercial drivers.




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job offers



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KC-area organizations partner to address truck driver shortage

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Approved Third Party Testing Site

Students from all states are eligible to take

the CDL A exam at our Kansas City, MO location


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Jacqueline Williams-Smith

Assistant Manager

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CDL Training

Zeta Driving School is a top-rated CDL training school, offering truck driving classes and practice tests to Kansas and Missouri students. We are experts when it comes to CDL training. Our programs are designed to give you comprehensive knowledge about driving commercial trucks while ensuring you understand the safety protocols you must follow on the road. We will train you to become an expert driver.


What is a Class A CDL?

A class A license is considered a universal license, as it allows you to drive multiple types of trucks and tractors. If you want a general license that will help you to get a job within the industry or if you want a broad-spectrum qualification, then a CDL A license is what you need. With our help and support, we’re confident that you’ll ace your training and become a confident and competent driver on the road.

Find out more about “CDL training near me” and “CDL classes near me” below.


The Benefits Of Enrolling In Our Trucking School

One of the best ways that someone can genuinely prepare themselves for the CDL test would be to enroll with a reputable driving school like ours. We will go over every single aspect of the written and road tests. So you will never be caught off-guard when the time comes for you to take your exam. Our instructors are experienced truck-driving professionals and are always available to assist or help you with any questions. 


We will teach you all about highway driving, how to maneuver your vehicle, how to back up, and how to ensure your truck is safe for a trip. It can be challenging to try and learn things like this on your own, and by us, you can ensure that you are more than adequately prepared to enter the industry and that you are the most confident, competent driver you can be. 


Our Offerings and Your Driver Education

Zeta Driving School offers self-paced online classroom learning, so you have the flexibility to schedule it around your life. Our primary goal is to provide you with the education you need in a way that suits you, and this is just one of the many things we pride ourselves on as a school.


Individual Support

Our teaching staff knows how important it is for you to get support. If there is an aspect of the course that you are struggling with, our team can help. We will always ensure you get the most out of every study session, exam, and module.


Job Placement

Did you know we can also help you with job placement before graduation? We will always support you from signing up for training to getting your first job.



We are proud to say that we have invested heavily in technology for our CDL training programs. Our driving simulator allows you to practice driving in thousands of different conditions. We can also advise you on load types and truck models, so you can feel confident knowing that you will never face a situation you are unfamiliar with, whether on the road during your CDL practice test or when you begin your career.

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Course Catalog

CDL A Training

 Rolling Admission

 Lenexa, Kansas

CDL A Training

 Rolling Admission

 Kansas City, MO

Hazmat Endorsement

 Rolling Admission

 Kansas City, MO

common questions

how long does driving school take to complete?

Zeta Driving School has developed our curriculum to be flexible and completed at your own pace. Full time students typically complete the program in four weeks. 

will i get a driving job right out of school?

Zeta has developed hiring partnerships with hundreds of the most respected trucking companies throughout the country. During your time in school you will meet with recruiters to learn about different career options. Most of our students line up job offers before they graduate. Check out our Career Services page to learn more.

How much is tuition and other costs to attend?

Our priority is helping our students. We have the most competitive tuition rate in the country - just $6200 which includes all classroom, online, and on-road learning. The vast majority of students will qualify for significant financial aid and pay nothing out of pocket.

Can i attend as a part time driving student?

Yes! We know our students have busy lives and may not be able to commit to driving school full time. Our learning curriculum is flexible to allow students as much time as they need to complete both the in-class and on-road requirements to qualify for their CDL license. 

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Yes! Almost all of our students qualify for some form of financial aid or scholarships to cover the cost of their education. Many students even qualify for full scholarships and can attend our program at no cost. Check out our Financial Aid Calculator to find out what you qualify for before applying. 

is zeta an approved
cDL driving school?

Zeta Driving School is an approved commercial driving school in Kansas and Missouri, as well as a registered Training Provider with the FMCSA. 


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Student Feedback
Over 2,000 thrilled graduates 

Great, knowledgeable instructors and convenient scheduling options! This school cares about students having the skills needed to pass the test AND go out into the workforce with confidence.

Dylan K.

Kansas City, MO

The site manager as well as the instructors and administrative assistant bent over backwards to help me. I would definitely refer anyone to Zeta!

Hal D.

Olathe, KS

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