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The most powerful driver training tool for today’s transportation industry

  • High Resolution Visual System / Four (4) 55″ High Definition LED Displays

  • Newly Updated, True-to-life seamless “Virtual World” driving environment with animated weather and pedestrians

  • With curtains - 7' wide 86" length 83" tall

  • Without curtains - 73" wide  77" length  58" tall

  • Advanced curriculum of On-The-Road scenarios for Heavy Goods Vehicles, Trucks & Tractor Trailers

  • Practice CDL and other maneuvers on the Virtual World Driving Range

  • Microsoft Windows™ based Scenario Developer allows easy creation of new scenarios

  • Scenario Developer can also be used to recreate collisions for remedial and regular training

  • Multiple – malfunction capabilities, selectable objects and student vehicles

  • Industry leading update and refresh rate to provide superior image quality

Zeta’s T5600 driving simulator replicates the driving compartment of a typical truck and includes essential components found in late model tractor-trailers. The T5600 driving simulator enables efficient and cost effective truck driver training. Instructors can customize truck driver training by placing virtual cones in the virtual driving range to allow for effective CDL training, curriculum enhancement and practicing other challenging maneuvers. Our TrueSteer digital servo force feedback steering is unsurpassed for accurate response to road conditions and driver input. The T5600 also promotes fuel efficient shifting.

YOUR COST: $15000


  • Interchangeable driving positions

  • Variety of virtual vehicle models 

  • Realistic vehicle dynamics

  • Integrated training environments for CDL, urban, suburban, rural and highway training

  • Three 55" high definition LED displays

  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution

  • 225˚ horizontal field of view

  • Dolby 5.1 surround sound

  • With curtains - 7' wide 86" length 83" tall

  • Without curtains - 73" wide  77" length  58" tall


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