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This course will prepare students to successfully receive their CDL A license and doubles endorsement. This self paced, four-week program includes 160 hours of classroom education and on-road training. 


Classroom theory

Each course begins with a self-paced online learning curriculum to give students a strong foundation before they begin driving. Students have access to on-demand tutoring in-person and online.   

Driving Simulator

Students have access to a highly realistic truck driving simulator. This tool allows students to get comfortable with thousands of real world driving scenarios as well as any type of truck make or model.    


road & Range

Instructors work with students at a time to practice critical driving skills on both a closed range as well as on the open road. Range time is self scheduled and will need to be completed in 90 days.

Career Services

Zeta Driving School does more than just prepare students to be great drivers. Our instructors work closely with students to ensure they find employment upon graduation, assist in negotiating contracts, and provide a strong understanding of the industry.

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Course Schedule


Introduction to Driving

Students will begin learning the basics of commercial truck driving in an online group setting. Students must complete 35 chapters of learning as required by the FMCSA.


Theory Quiz (Pass: 80%)

Simulator Quiz (Pass: 80%)


Simulator Driving

Students will complete the final hours of classroom teaching and simulator practice. Qualified students will be eligible to begin on-road driving in a closed course environment.


Theory Exam (Pass: 80%)

Simulator Quiz (Pass: 80%)


On-Road Training

Following the successful completion of all theory exams and closed course training, students will be eligible to begin on-road driving training.


Course Quiz (Pass: 80%)


Final Preparations

Students will complete their 100 hours of on-road training to be eligible for the final exam. Additionally, they will spend the final week learning about the trucking industry, business skills, and career options. 


Final Exam (Pass: 80%)

The Zeta CDL program is a 100% self-paced program. The above schedule is the most common amongst students. This can be adjusted for each student as needed. 


Students must meet all of the prerequisites prior to enrollment to ensure students are prepared to successfully complete the Zeta Driving School course. 

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must be proficient in English

Must pass a DOT physical exam

Must pass drug & alcohol screening

Possess a valid driver's license


Enroll and get started in as soon as 2 days!

Tuition & Fees

Zeta Driving School is generously supported by grants and industry partners. This allow us to maintain affordable tuition and offer multiple scholarships and reduced cost enrollment options. Almost 100% of our students qualify for tuition assistance. The current tuition rate of $4,990 includes all required learning materials, insurance, and access to equipment, including on-road training and simulator usage. Tuition fees do not include potential fringe costs such as transportation and boarding. 

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