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Residency Program

Receive your CDL A program from the leading commercial truck training program in the USA!

Get your CDL in 12 days

The Zeta Driving School offers the only in-residency program for students around the country to receive the CDL A training. Regardless of where you live, you can learn and train at the Zeta Driving School in Kansas City. Live in our premium dorms while getting your CDL A license in just 12 days. 

Financial Assistance

Enrollment advisors will help you navigate and qualify the 30+ financial aid programs for your tuition, room, and board.


Live in comfortable dorms with your peers for 12 days while completing behind-the-wheel training.


Job Placement

Zeta Driving School partners with dozens of the industry's best employers to ensure students receive offers before they graduate.

Ongoing Assistance

We support our students for years after you graduate. We're always here to help you in your career as you continue to grow and advance.


Zeta Driving School works with dozens of the industry's best employers. You will meet directly with recruiters from multiple companies during your training to learn about the industry and evaluate the different opportunities available. Almost all of our students receive a job offer before graduation!



Out-of-pocket tuition
cost for most students

Frequently asked questions

How long is the program?

The entire program consists of two parts: theory education and behind-the-wheel training.  The theory education is done 100% remotely and at your own pace - most students finish in one week. The behind-the-wheel training is done at our Kansas City facility and takes 10-12 days to complete.

Where will I stay?

The Zeta Driving School provides clean, comfortable, convenient accommodations for all of our students.  Our student advisors will coordinate your housing and provide you a packing list so you don't need to worry about anything before you arrive. 

How will I get to Kansas City?

Your student advisor will work with you to select the dates for you to travel to Kansas City to participate in the behind-the-wheel training. Once your training dates are selected, your student advisor will work with our in-house travel team to coordinate transportation options to get you to our facility and back home at the end of the program. 

How do I pay for the program?

The Zeta Driving School offers more than 30 different financial aid programs including grants, scholarships, loans, tuition reimbursement, and more! Most of our students pay $0 out-of-pocket to participate in the CDL A program. Housing and transportation costs can even be included in most of these financial aid programs!

Do I need a CDL permit before starting?

No! Our online theory education will prepare you to take your CDL permit exam in your home state. A CDL permit will be required prior to beginning the behind-the-wheel training. 

Where will I take my CDL road exam?

Students will take their CDL A road exam in Kansas City, Missouri during the in-residency program. Once you pass your CDL A road exam in Missouri, you can receive your CDL A license in your home state by presenting your road exam results to your local DMV. 

What if I have more questions?

Our student advisors are available to answer all of your questions and help you begin the process to becoming a professional commercial truck driver. Give us a call at 405-ZETA-CDL (405-938-2235) or click here to submit our contact us form

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