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There are a lot of people that start a career as truck driver later in life. Many become truck drivers after retiring from their careers. People in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s have found trucking to be a rewarding career.

What Are The Physical Requirements Of A Truck Driver?

Truck drivers need to meet the following physical requirements in order to drive safely and legally.

  • Vision and hearing abilities

  • Blood pressure

  • Ability to lift certain amounts

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Drug-free

  • Ability to kneel

  • Ability to drive and sit for extended periods

What are the education requirements?

A career change can be a bit frightening. Many people choose truck driving as second careers because the training is easy to access and fast. To become a truck driver, you’ll need to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You can earn your CDL at a truck driving school, like ZETA. You can expect to graduate with your CDL in a matter of weeks. That’s a short time to spend to start a new career.

You Get Paid to See the Country

Join the countless others who have become truck drivers later in life to make this dream a reality. Truck driving lets older people see the world while getting paid. You can pad your retirement account by driving a truck and see some of the best sights in the country at the same time.

Do You Want to Become a Truck Driver?

Age is just a number when it comes to truck driving. You can begin your career, even if you’re in your 70s. You must pass the physical and obtain your CDL, and then you’ll be ready to get started.

If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, there’s no time like the present. Begin your training, so you can hit the open road soon.


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