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Light Industrial


Creating opportunities for
high demand 


Program graduates are prepared for a variety of roles across warehouses, factories, assembly plants, and distribution centers. These high demand roles provide graduates with livable wages, consistent income, and significant opportunities for career advancement. 

We partner with over 60 local hiring partners to assist students in finding the positions that fit their financial and personal needs. 
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Forklift Operator
$24/hr - $55k
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Inventory Clerk
$21/hr - $50k
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Shipping & Recieving
$20/hr - $48k
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Production Line
$19/hr - $45k
Untitled design - 2024-03-24T180639.204.png
Machine Handler
$20/hr - $48k
Untitled design - 2024-03-24T180947.643.png
Quality Control
$24/hr - $57k
Untitled design - 2024-03-24T181655.530.png
Picker Packer
$19/hr - $45k
Untitled design - 2024-03-24T180429.340.png
Machine Operator
$26/hr - $62k

*Data from Indeed. Annual salary based on five hours of overtime.

Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Over 250,000 positions

needed by 2030

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Forklift Certification

Program Curriculum

Heavy Machinery
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Warehouse and Factory Operations
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Inventory Management
Communication and Career Skills
OSHA Certification
OSHA Safety Regulations
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Operating Warehouse Equipment

Nationally Recognized
Apprenticeship Program


Employers receive

$2,500 tax credit

per employee per year

Program Benefits

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Job Placement

We partner with dozens of the industry's best employers to ensure students receive offers before they graduate.

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Negotiations Support

Student advisors are available to help navigate the various offers companies make to our students.

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We provide data-backed industry insights so you know exactly what to expect.

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Ongoing Assistance

We support our students for years after you graduate. We're always here to help you in your career.


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