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Our Online Dispatch Training Course is a simple and straight to the point step by step guide about setup and operation of an Independent Truck Dispatch Service. We will provide you with basic understanding of the industry and show you how to book your first load!



Classroom theory

Each course begins with a self-paced online learning curriculum to give students a strong foundation before they begin driving. Students have access to on-demand tutoring in-person and online.   

Minimum Hours: 40

Driving Simulator

Students have access to a highly realistic truck driving simulator. This tool allows students to get comfortable with thousands of real world driving scenarios as well as any type of truck make or model.    

Minimum Hours: 10


road & Range

Instructors work with no more than 2 students at a time to practice critical driving skills on both a closed range as well as on the open road. 

Minimum Hours: 160

Career Services

Zeta Driving School does more than just prepare students to be great drivers. Our instructors work closely with students to ensure they find employment upon graduation, assist in negotiating contracts, and provide a strong understanding of the industry.

Minimum Hours: 10

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Students must meet all of the prerequisites prior to enrollment to ensure students are prepared to successfully complete the Zeta Driving School course. 

Must have or had a valid CDL A license 

Must speak and

read fluent english

Must be able to

pass a DOT physical

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Dispatcher Training?

The first payment is due upon enrollment. You will receive access to all of our online curriculum, range scheduling, and instructor contact information within 24 hours of enrolling.  

How do I make my payments?

Students are required to set up automatic bank ACH payments through our payment portal as the primary payment method. All students must also link a credit card as a backup payment method in case the ACH transfer is not processed. 

What if I miss a payment?

We understand that life happens. Zeta offers a one-week grace period for late payments. However, if you miss 2 payments in a row it is considered a voluntary withdrawal.

Do you offer refunds? 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds to students at any point. However, if you need to pause your participation in the program, you can re-join the school and pick up where you left off at any time in the future.  


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